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Invest in Churches BEYOND YOU

The CAIB Foundation

Founded in 2020, the CAIB (Central American Independent Baptist) Church Development Foundation helps pastors throughout the 7 Central American countries to purchase land, build buildings, and buy buses for bus ministries.

Emphasis is on church ministries, but Bible schools, Christian schools, clinics, and orphanages are also considered. However, the CAIB foundation does not provide monthly support for national pastors.

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Samuel Hodges, President

Missionary since 1997


Joseph Hodges, Vice President

Missionary since 2020


LeRoy Rolston, Director

Missionary since 2009


Mike Veasey, Director

Missionary since 2005

Our Need

After over 25 years in Honduras, missionary Sam Hodges dreamed to do more. American missionaries often have an advantage in starting and developing stronger ministries around the world. Why? Because they have access to funding from the US.

In populous cities of third-world countries, adequate land in a good location can cost $150,000+. This puts owning property out of range for most Americans and virtually all national pastors.

What do national pastors do? They buy tiny plots of land in the poor, dangerous neighborhoods, thus greatly limiting their ministries. And if money is raised for property, no funds are left for construction.

Central America is also a dream spot to develop church bus ministries. For most pastors, however, it is exactly that: only a dream. The CAIB founders believe in the potential of bus ministry because of their many years of experience with bus ministry in Central America.




What are CAIB's operating principles?

First of all, we don’t believe in just throwing money all over Central America to anyone calling himself a pastor. Being missionaries for years, our directors have witnessed extravagant amounts of money donated to mission projects with little long-term impact. Lots of money has been given to the wrong people for the wrong uses.

At CAIB we believe in efficiency.

The recipients of funds are carefully examined by veteran missionaries who know the doctrine, character, work ethic, and associations of the pastors who receive help.

Distribution of Funds

The CAIB foundation is an invested perpetual foundation. This means that your money is invested to generate a gain. The yearly gains then go on to fund various projects.

For example, let’s say you donate $1000 to the foundation. The $1000 is invested with a target of gaining 7%. In effect, you're giving $70/year to fund projects until Christ returns.

CAIB's directors decide whether using some of the principal or retaining some of the income for the present is necessary. However, our goal at CAIB is always to keep the principal continually invested, while only giving away the income.

Our target is to distribute funds when CAIB reaches $100,000 in total assets.



Phone: +504-3145-9768


Facebook: The CAIB Foundation

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